I will be doing a once a week you tube video starting May 3, 2010. Each weekly episode will have insight on stockpicking and my pick of the week, and more!

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 Eric Weeks, founder,
 Welcome! was created by me, Eric Weeks, on 3/27,2010, to unite people of a common interest, and to educate and share ideas on investing in the stockmarket. Making money in the market is fun, and it can pay for surf trips!
I don't trade in and out of stocks much, but I will in certain circumstances. I prefer the Peter Lynch style of stockpicking, and highly recommend that you read "One Up On Wall Street" by him. I am also a fan of Warren Buffet and for most of my life I have followed his life and his ideas. I have been investing since 1984, and have had successes and failures.
I like a Buffetesque "scuttlebutt" approach, as described by Phil Fisher in "Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits" to finding good stock investments; checking out a company's products in stores, asking questions of customers who use the company's products, observing improvements and innovation, and basically reading everything I can find about the company. This approach to researching companies is now vastly easier in the age of the internet as it was in Phil Fisher's time. I subscribe to Jim Cramer's "buy & homework" approach rather than "buy & hold". This is how to realize a good stock story has changed, by keeping your finger on it's pulse.
I strongly recommend Investors Business Daily for stock research and education, and whenever possible, keep CNBC on all day. I've been watching since it was the Financial News Network, which CNBC took over.Watching will teach you the language and inner workings of the stockmarket.
On page two I will go over what to look for in companies, the most important being growth in sales, accelerating earnings, and sustainable earnings growth.

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